AirWatch Agent

AirWatch Agent

Uploaded: August 2, 2018
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OS Version: Android 4.0+
Download APK v8.3.0.67

With VMware AirWatch® Agent™, you can authenticate and register devices with AirWatch. The intuitive registration process will ask the user to authenticate, accept the Terms of use and install the applications, content and profiles installed by your IT administrator. In the AirWatch Agent, you can view device details, read IT messages, check compliance status, and request IT administrator support. The AirWatch Agent will report device details and compliance status to the administrative console.

Note. The AirWatch Agent is run and managed using configurable system settings through the administrator console. Without the necessary infrastructure, the AirWatch Agent will not work. Before installing the AirWatch Agent, contact your IT administrator.

Key features of AirWatch Agent:

* User-friendly authentication
* Intuitive, step-by-step registration of devices at a distance
Access to corporate resources
* Automatic access to applications, content and resources configured by IT administrator
* Single sign-on for all VMware AirWatch applications
• View device details, such as free memory, current compliance status and Telecom usage
* Receive messages if your device does not meet the requirements
* Contact support for additional assistance

Activation instructions
Step 1. Download and install the AirWatch Agent on your device from the Google Play Store.
Step 2. Enter your corporate email address.
Step 3. If prompted, enter your credentials and accept the terms of use.
Step 4. Applications, content and profiles will be set up by your IT administrator and installed on your device automatically.

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