Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera

Uploaded: August 5, 2018
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OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK 3.13.04

Home security IP Cam Alfred is a unique application that helps to make a video surveillance camera from the device.

Sometimes there is a need to put a special camera in the house-to look after the nurse, the child, the apartment in his absence. But to buy expensive equipment and deal with its configuration and connection is not desirable. In such a situation, this program will come to the aid.

After installing the application, which on the desktop gets a funny name “Alfred”, you need to log in with a Google Play account. The program will offer to install the device as a camera or screen to view other devices.

In the “camera” mode, the smartphone will start working with the camera turned on. Here you can set the motion detection mode. If someone passes in front of the machine at this moment, it will automatically turn on and record what is happening. From here we quickly move to the second camera, if it is present.

The second screen mode allows you to view all other security cameras. It turns out a command center, which is really fast to switch between all devices. It is interesting that it is easy to communicate with the necessary camera through the screen, as well as to take a screenshot.
Home security IP Cam-Alfred is still very lame. Video is loaded for a long time, does not transmit sound and occasionally loses the Wi-Fi signal. In addition, the battery charge of any device is not enough for too long shooting. But with all the shortcomings of the application will always help in a difficult moment.

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