Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations

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Electrical calculations — the program is designed for electrical calculations that are used in the work of electricians and home craftsmen.


  • The calculation section of the wire
  • The calculation of the voltage drop
  • The calculation of the current
  • The calculation of stress
  • Calculation of active power
  • The calculation of the total power [PRO]
  • Calculation of reactive power [PRO]
  • Calculation of the power factor [PRO]
  • Resistance calculation
  • Maximum wire length [PRO]
  • Filling of cable channels [PRO]
  • Motor from three-phase to single-phase
  • Capacitor starting single-phase motor [PRO]
  • Calculating the speed of rotation of the motor [PRO]
  • Motor efficiency [PRO]
  • Maximum torque [PRO]
  • Three-phase motor circuit (6 leads)
  • Three-phase motor circuit (9 leads) [PRO]
  • Circuit three-phase electric motor (12 leads) [PRO]
  • 4-color coding of resistors
  • 5/6-year-colour coding of resistors [PRO]
  • Color code inductor [PRO]
  • The color value of the resistors
  • Codes SMD resistors [PRO]
  • Coding of capacitors
  • Safeties
  • Fuse application categories
  • UL/CSA class fuses
  • The connection of resistors
  • The connection of capacitors [PRO]
  • Conversion Δ-Y [PRO]
  • HP/kW conversion
  • American wire gauge (AWG) /mm2
  • The conversion section
  • Cm/inch conversion
  • Conversion length [PRO]
  • Conversion voltage (Amplitude) [PRO]
  • Conversion of sin/cos/tan/φ [PRO]
  • Conversion energy [PRO]
  • KW — BTU/hour conversion
  • Conversion temperature [PRO]
  • Conversion pressure [PRO]
  • Convert A•h/kW•h [PRO]
  • Convert Gauss/Tesla [PRO]
  • Convert RPM (rpm) — rad/s — m/s [PRO]
  • Converting the torque
  • The conversion of bits and bytes
  • Transformation of angular measures
  • Calibration of the circuit breaker [PRO]
  • Time-current characteristics
  • Operating current
  • Reactance [PRO]
  • Impedance [PRO]
  • Resonant frequency [PRO]
  • A voltage divider [PRO]
  • The branching current [PRO]
  • Zener diode as voltage stabiliser [PRO]
  • The damping resistor
  • Resistor for the led
  • Compensation of reactive power [PRO]
  • Reactive power compensation transformer MV/LV [PRO]
  • Reactive power of capacitors at different voltages [PRO]
  • Grounding system [PRO]
  • The battery life [PRO]
  • Primary/Secondary winding of the transformer
  • Short-circuit current [PRO]
  • Min. short-circuit current (approximation method)
  • Short-circuit current of the transformer substation [PRO]
  • The load capacity of the cable [PRO]
  • Conductor resistance [PRO]
  • Cable resistance table [PRO]
  • Table of resistivity [PRO]
  • Table of standard voltage drops
  • IP protection classes
  • Classes of devices
  • Antenna length [PRO]
  • The resolution of CCTV systems
  • Disk space and bandwidth calculator for CCTV systems
  • Thermocouples
  • Electrical symbols
  • Electricity around the world
  • The types of plugs and sockets
  • IEC 60320 connectors
  • The Joule effect [PRO]
  • Wire color coding
  • SI prefix
  • Unit
  • Circuit fault current [PRO]
  • Ethernet cables (RJ-45) [PRO]
  • Ethernet Pinout with PoE support [PRO]
  • RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO]
  • The Scart Pinout [PRO]
  • USB Pinout [PRO]
  • HDMI Pinout [PRO]
  • VGA Pinout [PRO]
  • DVI Pinout [PRO]
  • Pinout RS-232 [PRO]
  • Pinout of FireWire (IEEE1394) [PRO]
  • The Pinout of the Molex connectors [PRO]
  • Sata Pinout [PRO]
  • Apple Lightning Pinout [PRO]
  • Pin Apple Dock connector [PRO]
  • Pinout PS/2 [PRO]
  • Fiber optic color code [PRO]
  • The Pinout LEDs [PRO]
  • The Pinout of the Raspberry PI [PRO]
  • The Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio) [PRO]
  • The Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX) [PRO]
  • MIDI Pinout [PRO]
  • Thunderbolt Pinout [PRO]
  • The SD card Pinout [PRO]
  • The Pinout of the SIM card [PRO]
  • Formula [PRO]
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