Big Bang AR

Big Bang AR

Category : Entertainment
OS Version: Android 7.0+
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Big Bang AR — an app created by CERN and Google Arts & Culture, embark on an epic journey through the universe in augmented reality. Thanks to scientists from CERN, you now have the opportunity to observe the first moments of the birth of the universe and its evolution for a long time. Start your virtual journey back 13.8 billion years to see with your own eyes how space, time and matter came into being. You will witness amazing events such as the birth of the first stars and our Solar system, including the planet Earth. Get to know the early universe, learn more about the microscopic building particles that make up all the visible matter, explore the incredibly beautiful nebulae, and watch the large-scale phenomena that have occurred over billions of years, such as supernova explosions and all this on a mobile device in AR mode.

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