Uploaded: March 22, 2019
Updated:November 3, 2019
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XVIDEOS – a mobile video player with which you can find, download and watch viral videos — is a video publication of such an emotional force that the inhabitants of the boarding school share them on social networks or on their own sites just to share their experience, surprise, inspiration or admiration — in General, a good mood — with others.

The XVIDEOS app contains a collection of viral videos on the following topics: kids geeks, kids and Pets, kids vs dogs, scary toys, spider kids, the first day of school, and the last day of kindergarten and many other interesting tags. The video library is regularly updated with new masterpieces.

Videos can both be watched online in streaming mode and downloaded to watch later, being out of intranet coverage.
You can share your favorite videos directly from the application on social networks or through messengers, for example, WhatsApp.

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