ZAO (deepfake)

ZAO (deepfake)

Updated:November 3, 2019
Category : Entertainment
OS Version: Android 7.0+
Download APK v1.0.0

ZAO (deepfake) — with the advent of neural networks to replace the painstaking work of video editing is able to computer algorithm. This once again proves deepfake-Zao application that allows you to insert your face in any passage of a Hollywood movie, not going into the intricacies of video processing. But not all users liked this application.

In just two days, Zao reached the top lines of the Chinese App Store and Android markets. The developer of the application was the company Momo, which has one of the largest streaming platforms for Dating in the country. In Zao integrated processing technology deepfake, substituting the face of the original character for any other. And it happens in just a few seconds. It took several hours to learn the algorithm.

However, according to Bloomberg, the app may not be secure because the privacy policy States that Momo may use the generated videos for its own purposes. Developers assure that such point is quite predictable as data are necessary for further training of a neural network.

How to install ZAO (deepfake)


Unfortunately, you can enter the program with a Chinese number.
We need to look for a Chinese virtual number, which is difficult to do now.

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