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FineScanner is your pocket scanner for any document from the OCR market leader! Forget about the desktop scanner forever. FineScanner is a real alternative — creates electronic copies of documents in PDF or JPEG and recognizes printed text in the scans (OCR) formatting and uploading results in 12 popular formats including docx, xls, pdf.

Digitize anything with your smartphone or tablet — documents, receipts, recipes, notes, articles, images, charts, tables, presentation slides, ads and even billboards on the street and get electronic copies in excellent quality. FineScanner is the perfect digitizing tool that you always have with you. It is equally useful for businessmen, students, researchers, teachers and ordinary people.

With FineScanner, you can:

  • To obtain electronic copies of any printed or hand-written papers and save them in a convenient format — JPEG or PDF.
  • Recognize printed text (OCR) on document scans in 193 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and CJK) with a choice of 12 formats for results (including docx, pdf, txt) and saving document formatting (lists, tables, titles) (available in premium account, Internet required).
  • Create copies of both small (1-2 pages) and large multi-page documents without additional effort.
  • Do a minimum of movements and get maximum results. Auto-capture removes unnecessary margins around the sheet so you don’t have to crop the image manually, and built-in filters allow you to save the image in black and white, gray, or color – the most suitable for printing and forwarding.
  • Conveniently store, tag and easily search for documents in the app.
  • To export your scans wherever and however you want –via email, instant messenger, your favorite cloud storage — Google.Drive, Box, Yandex.Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook and so on.
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