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Updated:August 31, 2020
Category : Live Wallpapers
OS Version: Android 4+
Download APK v3.4.2

Deep Galaxies HD Deluxe – the splendor of space on live wallpaper from a developer from Mozg Labs. Download, install these elegant wallpapers on your smartphone / tablet screen and add a depth effect with a gyro, and if you do not have one, then use the “free” Camera mode and control it with your fingers. The wallpaper is executed very qualitatively, with a large number of settings and pribobasov – so that no one will remain indifferent.


  • 3 different types of saturation
  • 7 different forms
  • 9 unique backgrounds
  • 10 unique color themes
  • 100% C ++ for optimal performance
  • Ability to limit FPS to save battery
  • Quasar, the most dangerous place in space
  • Gyro support (sensor capable of responding to device orientation change)
  • The hand of God is an authentic nebula
  • Spherical, Flat and Evaporating Nebula
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • Through the nebula – feel the cosmic scale, traveling through the nebulae
  • Wandering Stars
  • Free camera and gyro camera
  • Tons of camera settings (from sensitivity to distance)

Support for installation on an external SD card: no

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