Lighthouse 3D Pro

Lighthouse 3D Pro

Uploaded: September 12, 2017
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Category : Live Wallpapers
Developers: MebSoftware
Download Lighthouse 3D Pro v3.0

Lighthouse 3D Pro – excellent live wallpapers on android, where you will observe in the middle of the sea a small island with a lighthouse. Watch the change of day and night and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and see how the lighthouse illuminates the road to ships at night. Go to the settings menu and add sharks, sailboats, birds, fireworks, stars and other objects with which your wallpaper will transform and add dynamics. Also in the settings you can adjust the size and position of the sun and moon, change the phases of the moon, adjust the amount of clouds, and also affect the sunsets and sunrises. Install this wallpaper in your phone and enjoy a great 3D picture.



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