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Mobdro is an app for streaming movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports broadcasts and more on your Android. However, this application does not work like most similar programs. This is because in Mobdro you don’t have to select a movie or series to watch, you choose a channel instead.

In most online movie and TV series viewing apps, you can choose a specific series or movie you want to watch at any time, but Mobdro doesn’t. Instead, you have a huge list of channels that broadcast movies and TV shows without stopping.

In addition to the channels with TV shows and movies Mobdro also offers the usual broadcast channels and sporting events. You can even watch some pretty weird live streams like videos of animals or people playing video games.

Due to the fact that Mobdro contains the element of surprise, It is an interesting alternative to a huge number of applications available for online viewing. Want a horror? No problem, but you won’t know what you’re watching until you switch to the appropriate channel. It’s almost like switching channels on a regular TV!

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