Navigation for Google Maps Go

Navigation for Google Maps Go

Uploaded: July 30, 2018
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Category : App
OS Version: Android 8.0+
Download APK v9.80.2

GPS Navigator with step-by-step voice prompts optimized for devices with small memory. An additional application that provides the ability to navigate in Google maps Go. To start, enter the address in the Google Maps Go app and click the navigation icon.

Step-by-step navigation in real time for Google Maps Go.

Google Maps Navigator adapted to work on devices with small memory.

Navigation modes for motorists, motorcyclists, bicycles and pedestrians.

Save routes for continuous navigation even without a mobile network connection.

Voice prompts in more than 50 languages.

You can’t use the Google Maps Go Navigator app separately: it only starts when you search for a route in the Google Maps Go app.

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