Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info

Uploaded: September 5, 2018
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OS Version: Android 4.2+
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Network Signal Info provides detailed information about the currently used networks, whether wifi or cellular connection.
In the new version widgets are now available (you need to install in the phone memory).
Special attention is paid to visualization of signal strength of wireless and mobile networks.
Even more detailed information is displayed textually.

Section “Mobile Signal»:
Network operator, SIM provider, phone type, network type, the level of signal strength in dBm and ASU, data state, data activity, the IDs tower, the country code, device ID, IP address (internal and external), roaming status.

Section “Wi-Fi Signal»:
Wi-Fi is the name of the tower (SSID), BSSID, network frequency and channel, encryption, network, MAC address, maximum wifi speed, IP address, external IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 address.

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