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Patreon is a service that helps to earn money from fans to everyone who has them-musicians, artists, bloggers.

Patreon does not support a specific product, but people who regularly create something. This is the main difference between the project and crowdfunding platforms like Kikstarter or Indiegogo. The mechanism of Patreon’s work is built on trust to a particular person, a criator: here He receives not a fixed amount for the project, but a constant “salary”. Patrons (fans making contributions) ensure the artist’s life so that he can pay rent, travel, go to bars, and do anything at all. For example, comic artist Jonathan Rosenberg describes the goals in his Patreon profile: “Please give me the opportunity to make more comics! By becoming a patron, you will help me pay for my work and living expenses. It means more comics for you!»

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