Periodic Table 2019 PRO – Chemistry

Periodic Table 2019 PRO – Chemistry

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Periodic Table 2019 PRO – Chemistry — application for study. Full version. Chemistry is one of the most complex, interesting and spectacular Sciences. It can explain any natural phenomenon. Why is dissolving sugar, rusting metal or burning fire. And the most important event in the history of science was the creation of the periodic table by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev.

The periodic table 2019 contains all the materials that may be necessary for the training and study of compounds and elements. Here are the main functions of this program:

  • Atomic mass of all elements
  • Density, serial number, year of opening
  • Name in Latin, English and Russian
  • Electronic configuration and location
  • Grouping items by category
  • Large Glossary of terms and meanings
  • Half-life, electrical conductivity
  • Molar mass calculator and interactive tables
  • Thermal conductivity, volume and more

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