Private Message Box: Hide SMS

Private Message Box: Hide SMS

Uploaded: October 9, 2018
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OS Version: Android 4.4+
Download APK v1.2.31

Private Message Box — hides SMS, MMS and calls from certain contacts. Want to hide your private MMS, SMS and calls? Your privacy is our priority. Note: when updating the program, the password is reset to 1234. After opening the application, from the settings menu you can create a shortcut for quick access.


  • Support MMS (BETA).(only image)
  • Look in the chat.
  • Threading View
  • Password protection SMS, MMS, Calls.
  • The application does not appear in the list of programs. Just type the password to access the application.(the default password is ” 1234»)
  • You can select the text of the notification.
  • Option to move old SMS/MMS in the PSB database.
  • Option to move SMS / MMS to the standard SMS application when a contact is excluded from the private list.
  • Closes on a timer.
  • No SMS in call history (Samsung Captivate)
  • It is very easy to add/exclude a contact to a private list.
  • Save / Restore your private messages. (You can transfer to another device).
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