ReCaster – online videos to anywhere (Chromecast)

ReCaster – online videos to anywhere (Chromecast)

Uploaded: September 1, 2018
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OS Version: Android 4.0+
Download APK v1.4.5

ReCaster gives You the ability to watch almost any video that you can find on the web sites on the Internet, on TV via Chromecast. Adding support for other devices (DLNA receiver, Smart Tv, XBox, etc.) is planned in the near future.
The current version supports:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • HTML5 Video (MP4, WebM, OGG)

Thus, using ReCaster, you can watch on the big screen as news and sports broadcasts, as well as movies and TV series that you will find on the Internet.

We plan to add redirection support:

  • Images
  • Audio

Using ReCaster is easy:

  • Open the website that hosts the video player with the video you want. Wait until the page is fully loaded to analyze it.
  • If ReCaster recognizes the player type, the video will be immediately added to the list of found videos (the counter of found videos is in the toolbar).
  • Connect the app to Chromecast. If you do not connect to Chromecast, you will be prompted to start the video in the player on your phone.
  • Open the list of found videos, select video, quality.
  • Enjoy watching on the big screen TV. You can control playback on the TV via the app.


  • Only video playback is supported, video download is not available. Adding functionality for downloading videos in the future is not planned.
  • The application does not contain links to any resources that contain videos. You should find the video to view on the Internet, for example, using search engines.
  • When you start a video, the app sends a link to the video to Chromecast, then Chromecast plays the video on its own.
  • Thus, if the video is playing with delays-the problem is either in the work of the website or in Chromecast access to the Internet.
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