Samsung MirrorLink

Samsung MirrorLink

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The topic of using a mobile phone in a car has long been the subject of development of a large number of companies. Both mobile phone and car manufacturers and third-party companies have invented various handsfree to help the driver to combine the conversation on the mobile phone with the process of driving.

Gradually, ordinary phones were transformed into smartphones, and hands – free and hands-free systems-into MirrorLink.

Let’s explain in simple words what MirrorLink is. This technology provides a continuous connection between the smartphone and the head unit of the car, displaying the last menu of the gadget. What you do not just see the picture, and can manage any smartphone applications remotely. For the consumer, using MirrorLink starts with three simple steps:

MirrorLink technology takes the origin of network computer technology VNC, which allows enterprise users to work with applications on remote desktops. The software of the car fully displays the user interface of the smartphone. If the size of the display does not match, the image is scaled.

In a pair of phone car mobile device provides all the necessary applications and launches them into operation using hardware, while the infotainment system auto broadcasts information to the user, as well as connects controls such as steering wheel, touch screen, additional buttons, etc.

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