SMS Business Card I Online Business Card

SMS Business Card I Online Business Card

Uploaded: August 18, 2018
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After a conversation with a new customer sends your “mobile business card” with gratitude for the call and with your contacts by sms, WhatsApp Or Viber, in one click without adding a number to the phone book

  • Having received a business CARD immediately after the call, customers will not lose your contacts, calling several companies on the Internet.
  • The client will keep information about you in the phone: the name of your company, the list of your products, phone number, address of your website.
  • And the client will be able to call you back at any time.
  • Customers will remember you and stay with you.
  • SMS business Card is easy to send to your friend.
  • The position of your site in the search is increased, as it is interested customers who go to the site by the specified link in the SMS business card and actively view it.
  • SMS business Cards are not sent to contacts stored in your phone book.
    Sent to a new customer only on the first call.

If you call a new customer and after the call received your SMS-Card with contacts and gratitude for the call, the probability of purchase increases by 2-3 times, similar to the case, if you were able to leave the client a paper business card.

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