DU Battery​ Saver Pro​

DU Battery​ Saver Pro​

Updated:October 15, 2019
Category : System
OS Version: Android 4+
Download APK v3.9.8.Pro

DU Battery Saver Pro is an Android application that extends the life of your battery. The application follows the charge of the phone quite qualitatively (3 stages – fast, complete and smooth). But also not always, if only the battery is discharged less than 20%. There is a system monitor that visually shows programs and processes that take away a precious charge. DU Battery Saver Pro has beautiful and practical power management widgets that will not only decorate your phone, but also make working with it even more enjoyable. The program has 3 main modes: an energy-saving basic sleep mode that can be turned on automatically, if you specify it. In addition, you can add your own mode with your unique settings. The modes switch automatically from the battery status and time period, or manually from the widget on the desktop. There is a widget for quick cleaning of memory, if necessary.

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