Hotspot Shield Premium

Hotspot Shield Premium

Updated:March 16, 2021
Category : Tools
OS Version: Android 4+

You have many reasons to choose a secure VPN version for your smartphone when you participate in internet activities. However, Hotspot Shield has nearly a dozen reasons to choose it as one of your most trusted companions. First, it comes from an app publisher that specializes in protecting today’s smart devices. That way, users can rely on their industry expertise. It’s a series of products that are linked together, and if users want to use the whole set, they can be found right on Google Play. They are all very popular with over 10 million downloads. “Hotspot Shield is up to 50 million.

The best app for VPN proxy and Wi-Fi security

Users around the world can immediately activate the powerful features of the app to hide their online identity and access apps and websites without fear of being maligned and watched. This allows users to freely use the social networks they have and not have to worry about being able to access personal information. All of your online activities are protected with the most advanced methods available today. Your IP address will be hidden, your identity and location won’t show up on any tracker, and privacy and security features allow you to use multiple accounts without fear of confusion.

Over 2,500 fast VPN servers in 50 countries

All of your traffic is encrypted, so it has access to global networks, apps, and social networks, regardless of your country. You probably already know that if you want to go to Google in some countries, it has been banned and replaced by a local network, or even Facebook and Instagram have suffered the same fate. So Hotspot Shield would be a great partner to make it easier for you to communicate with the world. In fact, some apps you can easily find on Google Play can do that. But it is one of the most popular names because of its unparalleled VPN performance. The user set can access its proprietary servers located all over the world for the fastest, most stable and safest connection. Thanks to it, there are many stations all over the world. Thus, this application provides the widest VPN coverage of 20 or more countries.

Not to mention Hotspot Shield is a completely free app available to everyone in the world. The basic features I mentioned above are unlocked for free and forever. If you want to use it on an unlimited level, you can buy elite packages with very little maintenance cost. That’s really the money you spend on unlocking. Finally, this app does not store cookies or logs while you are using its features. This means that users are protected even for this app publisher.

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