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Wii Controller IME APK

App Name: Wii Controller IME
Latest Version: v2.0.2
Genre: Tools
OS Version: Android 2.1+

Wii Controller IME – many of you have already noticed the amazing retro console emulators available on Google Play. With their help, you can increase the library of games on your devices hundreds of times, but it is quite difficult to play on a touch device. Do you miss the buttons? Read how to attach a controller from the PS3 and Xbox consoles to an Android device, and if you are a happy owner of a Nintendo Wii, then you will also learn how to connect the Wii Remote to your pet on Android.

Step 1-Find the Wii Remote
If the controller was not in the usual place, ask your grandmother – perhaps she will lend you her own.

Step 2-Download the app
The Wii Controller IME application can be downloaded for a reasonable fee of a couple of dollars.

Please note: The application will not work on HTC smartphones with a Sense UI environment. We are sorry about this.

Step 3-Setting up the application
When you first launch the Wii Controller IME application, it will warn you about the need to make changes… however, just click OK and it will take you to the menu where you will need to agree to the addition of Wii Controller IME as an additional keyboard layout (do not be embarrassed, this is how it should be).

Step 4-connect the Wii Remote
On the on-screen keyboard, click the language selection icon – one of the default languages will be Wii Controller-select it. By the way, after the game you will have to repeat the operation in reverse order, otherwise you will not be able to print anything.

Now hold down buttons 1 and 2 on the Wii Remote. The controller will switch to search mode and the Wii Controller IME application cheerfully reports on the established connection.

Step 5-Play with the Wii Remote
All retro console emulators have Bluetooth support, without exception, so you can easily reassign the buttons to your taste or leave everything as it is. On one of the most popular emulators with a simple and telling name Gensoid Yongzh, to enable Bluetooth support, you will have to go to the menu and tick the “Use input method” item in the settings menu.

The developer of the Wii Controller IME promises to soon integrate support for the Wii Classic Controller into its application.

Step 6-looking for the answer to the question
…which sounds like “why all this?” Firstly, it is much more convenient than touch control, and secondly – it is interesting. Any scientist will answer the question “why?” because I can do it! ” The author recalls with a smile connecting a portable PSP console to a laptop in order to display an image on the monitor. The image from the monitor was transmitted to the plasma TV, and the control was carried out from the DUALSHOCK 3 controller connected to the laptop from the PS3. Oh, yes – all this was started with the aim of playing Pokemon on the Game Boy emulator.

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