Wiimote Controller

Wiimote Controller APK

App Name: Wiimote Controller
Latest Version: v2.0.2
Genre: Tools
OS Version: Android 2.1+

Wiimote Controller – after you have installed the application, but before launching it, we need to wait a little to enable the new IME (Input Method Editor) in the Android system menu. There are conditions for this in Wiimote Control, but during our testing we found that calling settings does not always run smoothly, so we are just going to do it manually.

Go to “Settings” – > “Language and Input” and then scroll down to “Keyboard and Input Methods”. In this subsection, check the entry for WiiControllerIME. This allows the hardware keys to press on the Wiimote, as translated by the WiiController application, for direct interaction with Android.

Configuring the controller application. After activating the new IME, run WiiController. The first step is to simply connect Wiimote to your device. Inside the main interface of the Wiimote controller, you will see two buttons at the top of the screen. Press the first Initiate and Connect button while simultaneously pressing the red Sync button located inside the battery compartment of your Wiimote. Since Wiimote is an unpaired Bluetooth accessory, it will immediately contact without asking for the device’s PIN code.

After connecting the device, you can check the connection by pressing any of the buttons on Wiimote – the values of these buttons will appear on the screen.

Now it’s time to set up some behind-the-scenes stuff. While in the Wiimote Controller application, click the menu button and select “Settings”. At the top of the settings menu, select the “Switch after disconnecting” checkbox to tell the application to immediately disable Wiimote IME when you are done using Wiimote. In this case, tap the target keyboard and select the standard Android keyboard. Continue and leave the settings menu open for the next step.

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