Screen Recorder V Recorder – Audio, Video Editor

Screen Recorder V Recorder – Audio, Video Editor

Updated:January 4, 2021
OS Version: ANDROID 5.0+

Screen Recorder V Recorder — a useful application that, one touch, can record what is happening in your device, so you can create video clips of everything you want. You can even create custom files such as instructions or GIFs, all with just one touch of the screen. The app has no limit on the length of the recording, so you can even keep the application running for the whole day, provided you have enough available memory. In addition to recording all the movements on the screen, the application can also record the sound on the websites that you visit or the video that you are recording, and the places on the screen that you clicked on with your mouse. This tool also has a delayed launch option, so you can configure when and how the recording will start to avoid saving something that you don’t want to include. It is very easy to complete the recording: just shake the device or lock the screen. After you have recorded your video, you can trim everything using an in-app editing tool.

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