WA Tweaker for Whatsapp

WA Tweaker for Whatsapp

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Developers: Alex193a
OS Version: Android 4.0.3+
Download APK v1.1.2

WA Tweaker is an application that can be used to enable hidden features of the public beta chat application. By the way this is the successor of VA Tweaks, created by the developer.

In other words, the features and functions available with the Tweaker was not invented by a third party: they exist because WhatsApp Messenger developers work on them. So it is more reliable than any alternative mod that completely replaces the official apps. It seems that these mods have not won the trust of too many users despite coming along with protection against the ban.

Obviously with each new version of the app, many features are likely to become part of the stable version and other new ones will be added to the beta version. But for the time being, Here are some of the options we can add to WhatsApp thanks to Tweaker:

  • More privacy: freeze your last time online, disable, disable delivery reports and disable the recording indicator, lock application with PIN code…
  • Settings: customize various aspects of the user interface, hide tabs and archive chats, change the font of the user interface, change the color of the toolbar and status bar, replacing emoticons…
  • Other features: disable large emojis, keep your contacts ‘ status, increase the length of your description, create groups without any limit on the number of members, chat with users who are not in your contact list…
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