Yandex.Health – doctors online

Yandex.Health – doctors online

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Yandex.Health-telemedicine service that allows you to consult with your doctor online. The service works in any city of Russia and abroad.
Before starting to work with patients, each doctor of service passes several stages of check: testing, interview and training. The quality of consultations is the responsibility of the medical examination Department.

In Yandex.Health you will be able:

  • ask your doctor any questions about the health of adults, children and even Pets — and get answers;
  • to communicate with doctors via video, audio or chat;
  • to understand the results of blood tests and other studies;
  • at any time, re-read the reports on consultations in your medical records.

Long wait for the reception is not necessary — usually the doctor responds within a few minutes. During the online consultation, the doctor is in no hurry, ready to answer any questions in detail, give specific advice, send to the desired examination or recommend to make an appointment to see a doctor.

The service is consulted by doctors of different specialties: therapists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, urologists, allergologists, immunologists, neurologists, venereologists, cosmetologists and veterinarians.
The usual advice of any specialist is 499 p. Also in Yandex.Health is the Express advice of a therapist, pediatrician, and gynecologist, who are 99 R.

For patients who plan to use the service often, but want to save money, there are packages of consultations: “Women’s health” for pregnancy, family planning and gynecology, “Children’s health” — for parents, “Unlimited consultations” — for those who closely monitor health, “Healthy pet” — for animal owners. The cost of packages “Women’s health”, “Children’s health” and “Healthy pet” 999 p, “Unlimited consultations” – 1999 p.

Mode of operation of specialists (Moscow time):
A pediatrician and a therapist around the clock.
Gynecologist – from 8: 00 to 2: 00.
Neurologist, dermatologist, venereologist, gastroenterologist, allergist-immunologist, urologist, cosmetologist, veterinarian — from 8:00 to midnight.
The service publishes interesting articles about health. You will find the link in the application menu.

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