How to install android APK games with cache/obb files?


Most games for Android of size larger than 100 MB, so if you APK the download a together is file cache. What is the cache and how to install it? In our universal tutorial you will learn how to install games with cache on Android, and it on how to do this operation in situations when the cache is not in the folder, or when you downloaded the file on the computer.

The cache for the apps and games on Android is a special file resources, which was created in order to upgrade users avoid having to download the entire volume of the game again — only executable files in the APK.

To manually set the cache on an Android device, you need to perform simple actions. For this you need a file Manager with a built-in archiver that works with ZIP files. We recommend you to use the popular EStrongs File Explorer.

Installation instruction cache

  1. Download the installation APK-file and cache.
  2. Install the downloaded APK, but do not start it.
  3. Open the file manager with the built-in archiver. Find the downloaded cache (usually in the Download folder). This is a ZIP or RAR archive. In our case, it is called The archive already has a folder com.rovio.battlebay, and in it a cache in the format OBB. All of this should be moved to a directory along the path Android → obb.
  4. Select the files by long pressing the → button «Extract to» and choose the directory /Android/obb (sometimes it is /sdcard/Android/obb). The same can be done the other way, if you use an alternative file Manager: extract the archive into the folder where it is located; folder com.rovio.battlebay copy and paste into /Android/obb/.
  5. In the end, in the directory /Android/obb folder should appear with cache. In our case – com.rovio.battlebay.
  6. Only then can you start the game.

Note: the cache for the games from some developers to put in custom folders, such as:

  • Games from Gameloft — sdcard/gameloft/games/[folder cache]. The game downloaded from Google Play will be the other way — sdcard/Android/data/[folder cache].
  • Games from Electronic Arts (EA) — sdcard/Android/data/[folder cache].
  • Game from Glu — sdcard/glu/[folder cache].

How to install the cache if it is not in archive and not in the folder?

Often the cache is downloaded in a compressed form, but the OBB file. In this case, the installation is slightly more complicated:

  1. You have downloaded the APK file and cache. Established the first, but the second is a file called style
  2. Then you need to learn the ID of the game and create a folder with it in the directory / Android / obb: go to the page of the game you need on Google Play (in our case – BattleBay); Pay attention to the URL –; In it and ID is hidden; The game ID text is written after id = and up to & if the last one is present. So, our ID is com.rovio.battlebay.
  3. Copy the ID from the address bar and in the file Manager go to /Android/obb. It creates a folder whose name is the ID of our game. Just plug-in com.rovio.battlebay in the field folder name.
  4. Next, return to the cache you downloaded. Copy and go back to /Android/obb/com.rovio.battlebay. Paste it to the cache file.
  5. Run the game.

How to install cache from the computer?

All of these steps to install the cache can be made directly from your computer if you plug your device into a external drive. Just unpack the archive with the cache and move the folder with the OBB file in a familiar directory /Android/obb on the microSD card or internal memory.

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    How to make a Install app hungry shark world
    On OBB file

  2. Lucas Seler 08.03.2018

    Whenever I download an apk, there is no obb file like “main.xxxx.obb” instead I find the cache and files in the folder. Whenever I open the app, the screen remains black.


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