Help for players “Minecraft-Pocket Edition” (F. A. Q)

Network Game:

[Question]: How to play on the local network?

[Answer]: Turn on Wi-Fi router at your friend, connect to it on another device, friend with router enters the world, you go to the list of worlds, there will be the world of your friend. Connect and play.

[Question]: How to get on the server?

[Answer]: First you need to find on the Internet IP server, then in the main menu click on Play -> in the upper right corner Edit -> External -> in the middle field enter the IP, in the top name (as the world) then click ok and run through the selection of worlds server.

Technical part

[Question]: How do I get rid of the black screen for those who have Cainfaire 3d installed?

[Answer]: I need to uninstall cf3d driver

[Question]: What are build 2, build 3?

[Answer]: These are test versions of the game.

[Question]: How do I install the script/patches?

[Answer]: You need to download Block Launcher, click on the wrench, and choose what to install.

[Question]: Why do I get a black screen after starting the game?

[Answer]: You have a weak device or OS version less than 2.3.7

[Question]: Why do the game sometimes have weird corners, incomprehensible black triangles?

[Answer]: There is a problem with graphics. Restart the game.

[Question]: How do I launch scripts on 0.8.0 alpha build?

[Answer]: You can not, because this is a test version of the game, not the official one.

[Question]: What is a script?

[Answer]: This is a mod written in javascript, which is installed using the Block Launcher.

[Question]: Can I install my own skin?

[Answer]: Yes, through Block Launcher.

[Question]: Can I add blocks to my inventory?

[Answer]: Yes, PocketInvEditor will help you with this.

[Question]: How to put mod?

[Answer]: Block Launcher will help you with this.

[Question]: How to make third-person view?

[Answer]: Settings -> Third person view.

[Question]: In order to have lava, do I need to put a mod?

[Answer]: No, you can add it through PocketInvEditor.

[Question]: How to install textures for meinkraft, and what do I need to do?

[Answer]: Check the program Block Launcher.

[Question]: How do I take a screenshot on my device?

[Answer]: download “no root screenshot it” app if Android 2.3, if 4.0 and above – Hold the power key + volume down.

[Question]: Can I add water or lava?

[Answer]: You can through PocketInvEditor (only in survival). There are 2 options for liquids.

[Question]: What is the difference between the blocks of water (lava) in the PocketInvEditor (there are 2 in a row)?

[Answer]: If the name has “stationary” it means 1 block of liquid, the rest – their sources.

[Question]: What is the difference between PocketInvEditor and PocketInvEditorPro?

[Answer]: PocketInvEditor Pro can spawn mobs and write text on tablets, and the simple one can’t.

[Question]: How to create a perfectly flat map for the creations, as on the PC version?

[Answer]: You can create it with the PocketInvEditor program.

[Question]: I have ARMv6, will the game go?

[Answer]: No! Even the older versions are oriented to ARMv7!

[Question]: Where do I throw the worlds?

[Answer]: Unzip the archive and throw the folder at: sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorld/.

[Question]: I can not craft anything, I have a full inventory of items, what do I do?

[Answer]: You are playing in creative mode, put the map in survival mode.

[Question]: How to move the map from creative to survival and vice versa?

[Answer]: Using PocketInvEditor program, select world -> Change world information -> Mode.

[Question]: How to increase the bottom line with blocks/items?

[Answer]: Settings -> Button with joystick image -> Slider D-pad Size.

[Question]: When I uninstall the previous version and install the new map will be deleted?

[Answer]: No, everything is saved.

[Question]: How do I solve the problem with launching the new version?

[Answer]: You need to uninstall the old version and then install the new one.

[Question]: What’s camera’s id (like exclusive unit for PE)?

[Answer]: 456.

[Question]: How do I zoom the map?

[Answer]: No way! Most likely it will be in the nearest updates.


Game progress

[Question]: How is the brick extracted?

[Answer]: You extract clay, burn it in a furnace, then make a brick block out of bricks.

[Question]: When will there be an infinite world/hell / edge in the game???

[Answer]: In the next 0.9.0 update, there will be an infinite world. Hell and the edge in the future.

[Question]: Where can I get carrots/potatoes/beets?

[Answer]: Plow the grass with a hoe.

[Question]: Where can I get pumpkins and a jungle tree?

[Answer]: Pumpkins fall out of the reactor. The jungle tree is only available in the creative.

[Question]: I want to put a mob in a trolley, how do I do this?

[Answer]: You need to push it into the trolley.

[Question]: What should I do if the reactor is not activated?

[Answer]: This is because of the new mods-furnaces and reactor in the creative, they do not allow you to activate the reactor.

[Question]: Watermelons appeared in 0.5.0, is it possible to make a watermelon farm?

[Answer]: Yes, but do not break the stems, the seeds fall out together with the watermelons(extremely rare).

[Question]: What hostile mobs are currently available?

[Answer]: Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, Creepers, Piggies.

[Question]: What peaceful mobs are currently available?

[Answer]: Pigs, chickens, sheep, cows.

[Question]: Is it possible to lure peaceful mobs with wheat ?

[Answer]: Yes.

[Question]: Is it possible to breed animals?

[Answer]: It is possible from version 0.8.0.

[Question]: Is it possible to repaint a sheep with a dye, as in the PC version?

[Answer]: Yes.

[Question]: Are there any Spawn eggs here ?

[Answer]: Yes.

[Question]: And how to write on tablets in PocketInvEditor?

[Answer]: Install PocketInvEditor Pro, go in, click Edit tile entities, select the desired plate and write the text.

[Question]: Help, I put a sign, I write the text through PocketInvEditor, I go in, everything is displayed, but there is no sign! Text in the air! What to do?

[Answer]: Exit the game or stop the process, the sign will appear later.

[Question]: Where can I build a mushroom farm?

[Answer]: Mushrooms grow in places where the light level is less than 12, slowly and with certain chances of mushroom growth in one place or another.

[Question]: Why is it that when I walk through the garden, it turns into earth and seeds fall out ?

[Answer]: As on the PC version, you can not walk, jump on the beds, if you really need to pass, but not touch the beds, you can use the sneaking function, at the moment squatting, sneaking is only available for Xperia Play.

[Question]: How to force a chicken to lay an egg?

[Answer]: When morning comes, the hen will lay an egg by herself.

[Question]: Where can I find a reed?

[Answer]: Reeds usually grow near water.

[Question]: I saw my friend fly, how?

[Answer]: You can fly in the CREATIVE with a double tap on the jump button, to get up, hold a long tap on the jump button and swipe your finger up, and for the descent the same thing only the swipe goes to the bottom.

[Question]: How to use the trolley?

[Answer]: The trolley is placed on rails(any), in order to get into it, you need to hold your finger on it, if the trolley is on energy rails(red rails) then it will go endlessly, animals can also ride on trolleys (it is necessary that they crash into the trolley).

[Question]: Is there a Redstone in the game?

[Answer]: Not at the moment, but there are alternatives-a script and mechanisms from tablets.

[Question]: Where to plant reeds (bamboo) so that it grows?

[Answer]: Into the sand or the ground near the water.

[Question]: Where can I find lapis lazuli, diamonds, glue?

[Answer]: Lapis lazuli can be anywhere, diamonds are at a depth(0-20 blocks from the” bottom ” of the map), glue=clay=clay-gray sand near the water/in the water.

[Question]: Can you tell me how to enable survival mode? I immediately have a creative opening.

[Answer]: This option should be selected when creating the world(by default — creative).

[Question]: How to save? Please tell me?

[Answer]: Just exit the game, saving is automatic.

[Question]: Is there food in the game?

[Answer]: Yes. It is used to replenish health(it does not recover itself).

[Question]: People, I found redstone, but neither a stone nor an iron pickaxe can get it. What to do?

[Answer]: Wait for its production to be implemented in PE.

[Question]: I found iron and started digging, but it digs somehow slowly and when I destroy it does not fall out what to do?

[Answer]: To dig up iron, you need a stone pickaxe, for gold, diamonds and lapis lazuli, iron or diamond (gold will not work)

[Question]: What is lapis lazuli, why is it needed?

[Answer]: These are blocks with blue droplets, when they are destroyed, you get these droplets that can be used as a dye (dyes white wool and sheep), they can also be crafted into blue blocks.

[Question]: How to get wool?

[Answer]: Take a pair of scissors and cut a sheep (press it for a long time), you can also simply kill it, but then the loss of wool is not guaranteed.

[Question]: And diamonds, gold, etc. are not found on maps since version 0.3.0?

[Answer]: You can find it, you just need to search hard and dig down.

[Question]: Has the map size changed?

[Answer]: No, the map size has remained the same.

[Question]: What are seedlings?

[Answer]: These are small tree seedlings that grow into large ones(over time)

[Question]: How to extract seedlings?

[Answer]: Seedlings are obtained by destroying the foliage with anything other than scissors, with which the foliage is collected.

[Question]: How to plant seedlings? is it stupid to ” put ” on the ground?

[Answer]: Yes, that’s right(the only thing is that they should be planted at a distance of more than 3 blocks from the wall). They can grow for several days(up to 10)

[Question]: How to get glass?

[Answer]: Melt the sand in the oven.

[Question]: How does the oven work?

[Answer]: In the upper hole you need to put what you want to melt, and in the lower one — fuel (coal or wood).

[Question]: When will there be an update?

[Answer]: We read the developers ‘ Twitter

[Question]: How to take off/fall in the Creative?

[Answer]: Tap on the center of the joystick and move up/down without removing your finger.

[Question]: How to fly in survival?

[Answer]: Install the mod.

[Question]: How to craft?

[Answer]: Click inventory (3 dots), there is a Craft button on the top left — this is crafting, you can also craft a crafting table, there the list of crafting will expand.

[Question]: How to craft a crafting table?

[Answer]: This is an item that is made of 4 boards.

[Question]: For a torch, you need a stick and something else, I don’t understand what it is and “what they eat it with”?

[Answer]: For a torch, you still need coal, it can be extracted with a pickaxe.

[Question]: Are there any caves?

[Answer]: No, only if you install the mod using Block Launcher.

[Question]: I was digging here and found different blocks, except for the stone, is it possible to do something with them?

[Answer]: To Mine. Redstone (ore with red inclusions) is mined only from version 0.9.0. Iron and gold can be melted into ingots.

[Question]: I got to some blocks and I can’t destroy them. What to do?

[Answer]: You have dug into the Earth’s crust, it cannot be destroyed.

[Question]: Why are there 2 torches in the crafting list?

[Answer]: The recipes are different. In 1, ordinary coal is used, and in 2, charcoal (it can be obtained if a tree is burned in a furnace).

[Question]: How is it? I fried the food in the oven, I don’t understand how to restore life.

[Answer]: Take the food in your hands, hold the tap in the air(preferably there are no blocks in front of you), and Steve will start eating.

[Question]: And how to shoot with a bow? I also have a bow and arrows-but I only hit with a bow-I can’t shoot.

[Answer]: To shoot with a bow, you need to press the screen for a long time to aim and release.

[Question]: How do I make arrows myself? There are 2 sticks and 2 others(tip and pen) where to get it?

[Answer]: The tip (flint) gets caught in the gravel, the feather killing the chicken.

[Question]: Is it possible to create portals?

[Answer]: No, but there is an alternative replacement for hell.

[Question]: How do I throw away an item/block?

[Answer]: You need to tap on the desired block/object in the bottom line and hold it for 3 seconds.

[Question]: It suddenly became dark in survival, someone is running after me, how long will this last?

[Answer]: You have a night, it will last as long as the day, hostile mobs are running after you(they will disappear in the morning — they will die from daylight), you can kill them, but do not forget that there are many of them.

[Question]: How to grow bread?

[Answer]: Plant seeds and use bone meal on them.

[Question]: How do I find seeds?

[Answer]: It is enough to loosen the ground(green), but due to a frequent bug, the seed may fall through the block. Just destroy this block and take your seeds.

[Question]: Are there beds in the game?

[Answer]: Yes, since version 0.4.0.

[Question]: How to blow up dynamite (undermine)?

[Answer]: You need to tap on it with a lighter.

[Question]: How to light a lighter in this game? Please write.

[Answer]: You just need to tap on the block.

[Question]: Where to find obsidian?

[Answer]: Mix water with lava and mine it with a diamond pickaxe.

[Question]: There are no mobs in the game. Where are they all?

[Answer]: Move the “Difficulty” slider to the right in the settings.

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