8 Horror Nights At School – Scary Holidays

8 Horror Nights At School – Scary Holidays

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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8 Horror Nights At School – Scary Holidays – this is a chilling horror game where the main character gets a job as a security guard in a high school. Everything goes on as usual, nothing ordinary happens. One day, after taking the night shift, in the surveillance cameras, he notices an unusual moving silhouette, which he recognizes as a robot animator. These robots in the form of cute animals work at school during the day and entertain all the children’s students. It turned out that at night they come to life and roam all over the school in search of victims!

You will have to survive eight nights in this terrible school. Try to follow them through the cameras to always be aware of where they are now. Control the lighting in the room and save electricity, as the energy supply may run out, and when darkness falls, all the robots come to life. In the event that the light is still turned off, use everything that you will have at hand for self-defense and try to illuminate the space with a lighter and a flashlight. After all, they know that you are there, and will try to get into your room!

The school has many research rooms with cameras everywhere, but don’t forget about the blind spots. With each level, the difficulty will become more complicated, as the robots have a certain mind, and become more persistent. The game is simple to control, you need to control the cameras, doors and other building modules via the remote. The main thing is not to let them get too close and survive these unfortunate nights!

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