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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Abyss9 – an auto-combat role-playing game, challenge Lucifer and his minions to free a soul from hell. In the story, the Holy soul was tricked into the underworld for the sins of people, despair weighed on her, as she was trapped and was not destined to escape. Taking on the role of a guide, she and the hero embark on a journey to confront Lucifer and regain their name. However, numerous attempts to free yourself always end in defeat, perhaps with the 9th attempt you will be able to cope with a difficult test. Explore the depths of hell, where your hero will bravely fight against skeletons and other monsters.

After clearing one floor, go to the next, where the defeated enemies can reappear, becoming more dangerous. The battle is automatic, but with the activation of skills you will help the main character to kill the enemies. Unlock new abilities and find items of equipment that are subject to additional strengthening. Abyss 9 does not have a complex gameplay, because it does not require special attention, but at the same time, the battles are full of active actions and look quite epic. Defeat the ruler of hell in various locations such as scorched deserts, tombs, icy lands, swamps, and more.

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