Among Christmas – Among us in 3D

Among Christmas – Among us in 3D

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Among Christmas – Among us in 3D – this is an exciting action game with three-dimensional graphics, created based on the popular game. In the story here you will find yourself on a spaceship with the rest of the crew. However, in the middle of you is a traitor who intends to kill all the astronauts and capture the ship!

Choosing the role of an ordinary crew member, you will have to perform small tasks and solve simple puzzles. For example, you will need to repair electrical equipment by connecting wires, enter a combination lock in the control panel, or clean out garbage from special compartments. And once in the role of a traitor, you will need to try to kill each member of the crew as elegantly and unobtrusively as possible. If you were caught red-handed, you could be thrown overboard into outer space. However, this requires that the majority vote against you, after a discussion where you also have the right to vote.

The mechanics of the game are almost the same as in the original action, but the graphics are redrawn in three-dimensional format, while preserving all the features of the original locations. Buy different hats and skins for your character to create a unique image. Have fun with your friends, think about tactics and outsmart all the players!

Features of the game:

  • Large-scale multiplayer mode;
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics;
  • The original mechanics of the game;
  • Many different accessories and skins.
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