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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Archaic: Tank Warfare – world war II tank battles with realistic destruction physics and game controller support. The game’s graphics are extremely close to the real world, so you can easily destroy buildings and cut down trees, which will allow you to arrange unexpected ambushes for the enemy. At the very beginning, you need to choose a tank, which is represented by a wide variety and they are exact copies of models of equipment from the Second world war. Each tracked or wheeled monster has its own characteristics and you need to think about which tank or self-propelled tankette is more suitable for a particular area. Then join the battle, armed to the limit, burying tracks in the ground from a powerful jerk, pointing guns at enemies and driving shells into their body.

In the graphics of the game Archaic: Tank Warfare, every detail is thought out, which gives a great effect of presence. Become the best tank driver of all time and the enemies will tremble when they see your tank and try to get out of your way, which will not prevent them from getting a shell in the side, which you released at full speed and hit them again, leaving only mangled debris. There is a full-fledged story campaign, the ability to participate in random battles, customizable graphics parameters, and support for standard Android controllers.

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