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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Brawl Party – Online Fighting Game – fun online fighting game for Android, where you have to fight with opponents playing for various animals. Unusual animals here move on two legs, while it looks quite funny, but do not underestimate them, each of the fighters can seriously beat opponents in a fight. To deal with opponents, there are various options, for example, you can hit them hard, throw them out of the arena, push them on sharp blades or directly on a passing train. There are several game modes available: fights in three-on-three teams, where to score points, you need to show your Boxing talent and thus crush your enemies.
There is also a crown hold mode where the goal of each team is to capture the crown appearing in the center of the arena. There is also a “steal a chicken” mode, where you need to catch as many chickens as possible and deliver them to the designated place, while protecting them from rivals. In addition, you will pump the level of fighters and change their appearance, thanks to the purchased items of clothing and accessories. Brawl Party is sure to be a great entertainment, and since it is an online battle, it is best to play in the company of friends, inviting them or joining a gang.

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