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Updated:September 14, 2020
Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Castle of Varuc – this is a free 2D action platformer. The game tells the story of a castle run by the evil sorcerer Varuk. A game in the style of a classic dark fantasy platformer. Everyone who likes pixel games will definitely be delighted!

In one of the realms, the evil sorcerer Varuk has cast a spell over the castle and its guards. He turned all the people in it into animals, subjugating them for protection. Not one of the king’s soldiers, and could not defeat the terrible monsters. The king searched for a long time for a warrior who could free the castle. Years later, the traveling warrior paladin augur, whose name was a legend, volunteered to defeat the sorcerer for a reward! But his path will not be easy.

On the way, he will meet the enchanted warriors of the castle and various traps set by the wizard Varuk, so that no one could get to him. Only after the sorcerer is defeated, the magic spell will be broken and the Kingdom will be free again.

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