Cut ’em All: Samurai Dash

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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
Download APK v1.0.0

Cut ’em All: Samurai Dash – this is an exciting arcade game where the only task is to cut and chop everyone in your path. Make your way as a samurai to the fortress of your enemies and cut your way with your sharpest sword. Cut and destroy enemies by the hundreds!

You are a great warrior who has a perfect command of cold weapons. You alone have to face an entire army of enemies. In fact, things are more complicated than it might seem. It is necessary to avoid blows that can cause damage, and is constantly in motion. Launch your sword like a boomerang, learn many other techniques, and upgrade your skills!

At the end of each level, you will find powerful bosses, which are not so easy to defeat. You need to destroy tanks and cut bullets on the fly to win. Destroy entire armies and complete many dangerous levels. A great game to distract yourself for an hour or two. Enter the courage and do not stop!

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