Dead World Heroes (Unreleased)

Dead World Heroes (Unreleased)

Uploaded: September 17, 2017
Views: 173
Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4+
Download APK v0.0.1

Dead World Heroes – an exciting survival game on the popular topic of today’s zombie apocalypse. The creators of the project decided to go in a proven way and having borrowed a number of ideas from already well-known projects presented everything in their vision. And so, you are one of the few survivors of the global epidemic, as a result of which most of humanity has become a walking dead. You need to equip the dwelling, but for this you need materials that can only be found on zombie-strewn city streets, of course, you will have an impressive arsenal of weapons, so that you can destroy the brain devourers simply by packs. In addition to extreme areas of survival, you should not forget about the vital, sleep, food, warmth and so on.

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