Delivery Much

Delivery Much

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 8.0+

Delivery Much – a mobile reaction game where you will help deliver boxes, barrels and other parcels. The gameplay is as follows: the characters are moving in your direction in 5 lanes, but the road ends at the end and there is a risk that they will all fall into the abyss, so you are required to build a road for them. Set the appropriate color of the platform at the most appropriate time, so that they fit perfectly. Thus, create a continuous road, this will allow you to deliver more packages and earn multiplied points. Unlock special items, customize your team members, deliver various cargo items, and watch unique dances at the finish line. Of course, playing Delivery Much you can lose some of the characters, but along the way you can meet new ones, so do not worry about it. Otherwise, this is a simple timekiller, where the control is performed by a single tap on the screen.

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