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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Drawmaster – here you need to draw a perfect trajectory with your finger to send the arrow exactly to the target.In this mobile game, you are an Archer and your task is to launch an arrow so that it hits the enemies on the level. On its way there will be many obstacles that need to be circumvented using the laws of physics, such as gravity or ricochet. Use items to destroy enemies, for example, barrels of fuel can be blown up, and wooden boxes can be destroyed by removing obstacles from the arrow’s flight path. No matter what is in your hands, spear, bow or other weapons, try to kill the enemy with a single shot, not allowing misses. Keep in mind that when the arrow is flying far, it starts to decrease, so consider this physical effect to build the ideal trajectory of the arrow. Earn money passing levels, thanks to them you can buy special arrows and different types of skills that will allow you to become the best among all. Android game Drawmaster trains your eye and is controlled with just one finger on your phone screen.

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