Fall Run: Online Races

Fall Run: Online Races

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Fall Run: Online Races – this is a colorful and fun action game where you have to take part in competitions with dozens of players in multiplayer mode. Choose one of the types of races and go to the race on the track, which is filled with different obstacles. You will need a good reaction and agility to stay on the platform and reach the finish line first!

Each race consists of several levels, at each stage the participants who have dropped out of the race are gradually eliminated, as a result, only one winner can remain. However, there is also a team game where players can help each other in the process and the team that most of them managed to reach the finish circle will win. For training or in the absence of an Internet connection, you can compete against ordinary bots, which may well compete.

At every step of the route there are traps, pendulums, sledgehammers and intricate mechanisms, the purpose of which is only one, to delay you as long as possible, or completely throw you off the platform. You can choose from a wide variety of skins in the public domain. Choose the image that suits you best and take part in these crazy races!

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