Fish Royale – Hungry Sharks, Bubble Pop

Fish Royale – Hungry Sharks, Bubble Pop

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Fish Royale – Hungry Sharks, Bubble Pop – adventure in the world of fish, coral reefs and other underwater creatures living in the ocean. Start exploring the depths of the ocean by making your way through the coral reef and underwater caves, meeting the amazing sea creatures that live there. Some of them are very friendly and will want to help you, while others are quite vicious and will try to attack your fish at any opportunity. Earn starfish by solving puzzles, thanks to them you will get access to challenging battles against bosses. Each location includes three objectives: climbing to the top of the food chain by eating smaller creatures, finding parts of a starfish, and a secret logic quest that you must discover on your own. Be careful, the ocean is fraught with many dangers and predatory creatures, to survive in this harsh place will have to continuously adapt and develop. There is a relaxing musical accompaniment, cute 2D graphics and entertaining gameplay that is suitable for children and adults.

How to install Fish Royale – Hungry Sharks, Bubble Pop

This application has a new build format, so you need to install it through SAI (Split APKs Installer). Detailed installation instructions are in the application.

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