Mother Bird Horror Story

Mother Bird Horror Story

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Mother Bird Horror Story – this is an incredibly terrifying horror game with a first-person view. You will find yourself in a huge, abandoned at first glance house. Countless rooms, lack of lighting, old and gloomy rooms, all create a dark and tense atmosphere. In addition, you are not alone in this building!

At your disposal will be a flashlight, a gun and a smartphone, with which you can call for help and correspond with the kidnapper. You need to hold out until the police are on their way to get you out of there. However, before you are saved, you must complete certain tasks to find a way out. Find the necessary keys, start the generator to activate the devices, and much more. Be always on the alert, as soon as you hear the monster approaching, try to hide immediately, or give battle!

The game has two game modes: using a gun, or only with a flashlight. The graphics are quite simple, but it perfectly immerses you completely in the process. To increase the experience of the process, we recommend using headphones. You will need strong nerves, quick reaction and good logical thinking to outwit the enemy, solve all the puzzles and get out of the trap.

Feature of game:

  • Lots of items to interact with;
  • Various puzzles and challenges;
  • Multiple game modes;
  • Creepy and cold atmosphere.
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