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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Paintman 3D – Stickman shooter – shoot weapons with paint and paint over the little men so that they become the same color. All that is required of you here is to point the weapon, which automatically shoots paint balls, so paint over all the little men on the location. In addition to enemies, destructible obstacles come across on your way and be careful when you are at the edge, because you can easily fall. Also, avoid contact with the little men of different colors, otherwise you will lose. Cope with a variety of levels of increasing difficulty, as the number of enemies becomes larger, treacherous obstacles are added, and even defeat treacherous bosses. While playing Paintman 3D, collect keys for chests, dress your character in fun costumes, and unlock new weapon models that can then be further enhanced. As with most other similar timekillers, there is one-touch control, dynamic gameplay, a lot of unlockable content and the ability to safely play offline.

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Download Paintman 3D – Stickman shooter APK