Pixel Wars — MMO Action

Pixel Wars — MMO Action

Uploaded: June 27, 2019
Updated:July 1, 2019
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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Pixel Wars — MMO Action — looking for dynamic and fun battles with other players? Try Pixel Wars — MMO Action. Here you will find everything you love: real-time battles, solo/team/co-op game modes, different classes, a lot of skills and talents, building your own base. And that’s not all! Everyone will be able to understand this game, but only units will reach true skill. Can you become one of the best?

Game modes

  • “Deathmatch” (every man for himself) for 15 players.
  • 5×5 modes: “Capture the flag” and “Team battle to the death.”
  • Co-op battle against waves of monsters for 5 players.
  • At least two locations for each game mode.
  • Battles last for 5-10 minutes.


  • 4 classes to choose from: Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Gunner.
  • 6 skills and many talents for each class: try different combinations in search of the best tactics.
  • 30 levels, 11 equipment slots, 8 types of character characteristics. Enjoy the depth of pumping from classic RPG!
  • Base construction: expand the settlement and get additional bonuses!

Other feature

  • Bright three-dimensional graphics with support for 60 fps.
  • Sensitive, convenient control.
  • Quick matchmaking without queues at the entrance to the battle.
  • Regular content updates.
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