Project RIP Mobile

Project RIP Mobile

Updated:May 17, 2020
Category : Action
OS Version: Android 8.0+
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Project RIP Mobile — the game sends us to an aggressive world in order to destroy demons and fight evil. An action game that is full of fire and blood. The world has collapsed, and our land has been invaded by hordes of demons and undead. To survive, the remnants of our civilization are forced to hide underground. It is time to go outside and give a decisive and brutal battle to the vile invaders. This operation was called Project Rest in Pieces or Rest in Peace.

The RIP project turned out to be dynamic and bright. For more successful implementation of their goals, people have developed AI to control agents at a distance. You can improve and upgrade your subordinates. This applies to strength, equipment, and abilities. How long will you last, because this mission is not easy.

Players will be sure to enjoy the realistic mechanics of movement and weapons during battles. A good set of weapons and all sorts of devices. You can track your achievements using the tableau. 8 agents to choose from. There are separate missions of different levels and an arena for endless play for your own pleasure. Five different levels of difficulty will not let you get bored. If you take into account the excellent scenery and graphics, you can have a great time if you are a fan of this kind of games.

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