PUBG Mobile


Updated:September 15, 2021
App Name: PUBG Mobile
Genre: Action
OS Version: Android 4+
Get it On: Google Play

PUBG MOBILE – port of the most popular battle royale game on the Android platform. Now you can enjoy your favorite “royal battle” on your phone or tablet, and this game has retained all the advantages of versions on PC and consoles. Join a huge game community around the world and lead the ranking of survivors in a heavy battle.

As in the PC versions, here 100 players land on an island with dimensions of 8 by 8 kilometers. Your goal is to remain the only survivor on this island. You can use any available means and tactics, the main thing is to pick up the necessary resources in time. But the matter is complicated by the fact that the area where players can be, gradually narrows, forcing to move from place to place.

This is a realistic island with a diverse relief, shelters and water barriers. A variety of vehicles are available for you to quickly move from one part of the map to another. Get on motorbikes or cars to get to the safe area as soon as possible or use a boat to cross the pond. Please note that with your noise, vehicles can attract enemies to you.

Tired of surviving alone? In the game, you can cooperate with friends and destroy enemies together, coordinating actions using in-game voice chat. Another advantage of the game is an advanced anti-cheat system that provides a comfortable game for honest gamers with equal conditions for everyone.

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v1.6.0 Original + cache

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v1.5.0 b15336 Original + cache

New Poseidon X-Suit
Most detailed set yet with new upgraded effects!

Royale Pass Month 2: Project T
New Ocean Themed Sets – The Biggest Update in RP History
1. RP now updated monthly.
2. The max rank has been lowered from 100 to 50. Price has been lowered from 600 UC to 360 UC.
3. Receive a free 60 UC Voucher when the next RP M goes live.
4. Earn rank rewards to get a free 60 UC Voucher and spend only 300 UC.

Mission Ignition Mode – Experience a tech-infused Erangel and all-new strategies!


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v1.5 IGNITIONOriginal + cache

Mission Ignition Theme

New Urban Areas
DynaHex has transformed the six major areas of Erangel based on military defense, energy utilization, transportation and logistics, and cutting-edge scientific research, bringing new pathways and structures.

New Gameplay Mechanics
– Dynamic Elements
– Air Conveyor


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v1.5.0 BetaOriginal

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In pubg is karakin map on mobile and new granade and rpg pls update

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Do not opening please tell how to open

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Please update as soon as possible
1.0 erangel