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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Run Royale 3D – run through an obstacle course, competing with a variety of players in real time. Starting the race, prevent your opponents from breaking into the lead, while at the same time correctly passing through difficult areas. The physics of the game is close to real life, so you need to calculate the speed to stop in time and wait for the next centrifuge to open the passage or huge, swaying pears will recoil to the sides. Choose the most optimal route, because the shortest route will not always be correct. Avoid treacherous traps and stay on the lane until the finish line, and then watch and rejoice as the opponents fly off the track, incorrectly calculating the trajectory and speed, getting hit by another obstacle. So, we start the battle Royale in 3D, which is completely unpredictable and it is impossible to determine the winner in advance. Get up at the start and see how many player avatars appear next to you to participate in the race. After the steel shield opens, everyone will rush forward, pushing each other apart. Watch the scale carefully, because it shows how much time is left until the end of the route. Show everyone in Run Royale 3D who is the most agile, coming first to the finish line and the whole game world will know your nickname.

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