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UpdatedSeptember 15, 2022
App NameScourgeBringer
Latest Versionv1.61 b12
DeveloperPID Games
OS VersionAndroid 6.0+
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ScourgeBringer – an exciting action game for smartphones and tablets on Android. In this game, users will help the bravest warrior of the Kyhra clan to fight against mythical creatures that have taken over the world. Travel with the help of antique cars and fight ferocious bosses. The game will pleasantly surprise users with its colorful pixel graphics, fascinating gameplay and great dynamic background music. Of all the games devoted to the theme of the post-apocalypse, this action, perhaps, can be called one of the most original in light of the unusual interpretation of this topic. This is a high-speed free-moving platformer where your hero will be one of the bravest warriors of the Kyhra clan. It is he who will take on the struggle for the revival of humanity, which was on the verge of extinction after the planet was attacked by mythical creatures. You must go to the dark dungeons that serve as a haven for the monsters that have invaded the Earth, and fight with each of them, including ferocious bosses. Hone your combat skills with a fantastic combat system, as well as look for clues about previous explorers of the underground depths to unlock the secrets that define reality.
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v1.61 Patched

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13 days ago

Is it working rn 15/9/2022?

25 days ago


27 days ago

It’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened on this site. If you don’t have the game why post it?

15 days ago

its a new game, what did you expect