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Updated:September 4, 2020
Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Siege Castles – android game from Plug in Digital, the essence of which is tied to the defense of the castle from the enemy siege. Here you must build your own fortress so that it can withstand the attack of the enemy and at the same time destroy its buildings. The mechanics of the game Siege Castles looks like this: a variety of opponents from neighboring Islands intend to capture and destroy your Bastion, followed by an assault and force you to capitulate. Your task is to install weapons and additional protection, first destroying the opponent’s castle, while the battle itself is automatic. During the first launch of the game, all players will find enough opportunities to create the proper level of protection and weapons. Carefully approach the issue of strengthening and protecting your castle: collect all the necessary materials and combine them so that the fortress can withstand the onslaught of the enemy, use various siege weapons from catapults to ballistas, win and unlock new guns to use them during the battle. With your victories, expand your available possessions and build your island Kingdom. Siege Castles is a mobile game in which we must demonstrate our ability to protect our castle. Create the strongest fortress so that none of your rivals can get close to your citizens.

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