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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 7.0+
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Simple Battlegrounds – mobile online game in the genre of battle Royale, where the winner will be the only survivor.According to all the canons of the genre, first you jump with a parachute at any suitable point and go freely to explore huge locations. Go inside houses and other objects to collect weapons, equipment and other useful things that will help in the fight against opponents, because you can only win if you have no one else left. Try different approaches, for example, hide in a secluded place and kill the enemy from a long distance with a sniper rifle, or arrange a real frenzy, throwing grenades at the opponent. Of course, the safe zone will be reduced, so try to leave its extreme borders, otherwise the character’s life will quickly end. Drive a variety of vehicles to move quickly over long distances. Simple Battlegrounds is a “battle royale” with cubic 3D graphics, there are two main modes: each for himself and team battles, free to explore the world, the ability to control different cars and have all the other attributes, while the Android game has a small weight and works without problems on modern devices.

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