Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Updated:February 16, 2021
Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Suspects: Mystery Mansion – this is an exciting multiplayer action game with puzzle elements, created based on the cult game that has become. Here you will find yourself in a large mansion, where a crime recently occurred, one of your friends was killed. But the criminal is still among you, and all the players have yet to find out who he is!

In one game, up to 9 users participate, where randomly one of them takes the role of the killer. He will have to kill all the other players as quietly as possible, and try not to be caught red-handed. The rest, in turn, need to complete small tasks in the form of puzzles and mini-games. For example, you will have to light candles, find fingerprints on a knife, collect puzzles, connect pipes and much more. If during the game you find the body of your friend, immediately call an emergency meeting, where the players will discuss who could have done it.

During the meeting, all users can communicate with each other using voice chat, which allows you to find out all the circumstances much faster. Once completed, everyone votes to expel the one who seemed the most suspicious. After death, players can stay in the game and watch the process in the form of ghosts. There are several different characters to choose from, in the form of animals. Have fun with your friends, show off your stealth skills or your deductive investigative skills!

Features of the game:

  • Multiplayer mode for up to 9 players;
  • Nice cartoon graphics;
  • Many unique skins;
  • Huge game location;
  • There are simple mini-games and puzzles.
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