Swamp Attack 2

Swamp Attack 2

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Swamp Attack 2 – the second part of a colorful shooting game where you defend your native swamp from oncoming monsters and zombies. The main character’s name is Joe, he is an ordinary guy who built a house in the middle of the swamp and settled down to live there. On a Sunny day, strange things start happening. The animals have somehow mutated and are now attacking Joe, who is sitting on the porch of his house. You are required to defend yourself, shoot a gun at enemies, using various tactics, depending on the shape, size and capabilities of the opponents. For example, if the monsters are small, but there are a lot of them, it is better to kill them with a machine gun, and leave the missiles on the huge enemies.

For what purpose the monsters attack, Joe will not understand, no matter whether it is a zombie or overgrown monsters, his task is to repel the attack at any cost, not allowing the enemies to come close. The game Swamp Attack 2 has a lot of different weapons that can be improved and combined, and there are also assistants such as brother, uncle and Granny, each with their own skills and weapons. Go through many locations, shooting, blowing up and destroying a wide variety of enemies, ranging from crocodiles and beavers to the Asian dragon. Your adventure will start in one of the US States and continue in the swamps of Siberia and in the land of the setting sun, China. Prove to the monsters that they are not welcome on private territory and shoot all the creatures.

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